Bottom Up Trauma Therapy
Kelly A. Walch, MSW, LCSW, MEd., CSAT, CCHt
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Education, Career, Pursuits, & Passions
Kelly has been devoted to helping others on their healing journey ever since she discovered Reiki in 2005. This experience fueled her to explore holistic practices and clinical expertise.  Kelly earned two Master’s Degrees, one in Social Work and another in Human Sexuality Education, as well as a Certificate in Advanced Graduate Study in Human Sexuality Education from Widener University. Kelly works with adults in individual, couples, and group formats. With over a decade of clinical experience, she has worked with diverse populations and issues, such as, process and substance addiction/recovery, developmental and relational trauma, communication styles/skills, codependency, empaths, boundary issues, narcissistic abuse, infidelity, sexuality issues, sexual assault and rape crisis, sexual minorities and alternative communities, sexual addiction, depression, anxiety, and grief and loss.

Kelly is a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist with over a decade of experience of working in the field of sexual addiction treatment at the residential, intensive outpatient, and outpatient levels.  She has worked as an individual and family therapist at Keystone ECU in Chester, Pennsylvania; at Gentle Path at Pine Grove in Hattiesburg, Mississippi; at Gentle Path at The Meadows in Wickenburg, Arizona; and the Gentle Path intensive outpatient program at the Meadows Outpatient Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. Kelly has worked directly with Dr. Patrick Carnes and Dr. Stephanie Carnes at the Gentle Path institutions for over five years. Additionally, she co-facilitated a Meadows Rio Retreat with Dr. Ken Adams and has been provided opportunities to train with Dr. Peter Levine, Dr. Claudia Black, and Pia Mellody.

Kelly continues to pursue new techniques and trainings to better serve her clients. Her approach to addictions and relational struggles is to treat them as symptoms of deeper core issues, traumas, and responses by the nervous system. Kelly is dedicated to deepening her clients’ understanding of their own healing-centered engagement. She is trained in Post Induction Therapy, is a Reiki Master, is a CCHt in Cellular Release Therapy®,  is in her final year of training in becoming a Somatic Experience® Practitioner, and is in the final supervision process as a Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercise (TRE®) Provider. She belongs to several professional organizations and is listed as a Kink Aware Professional.

Kelly has a passion for bringing alternative healing modalities into her practice that foster a sense of the Higher Self and spirituality. She often utilizes crystal bowls and primordial sounds/mantras to enhance the client’s experience. Philosophically, Kelly believes self-love and compassion can heal everything and happiness and good humor is everyone’s birthright. She is strongly influenced by Social Justice, the Law of Attraction, Abraham Hicks, Deepak Chopra, and admittedly Oprah Winfrey. Kelly regularly practices Transcendental Meditation, receives Pranic Healing, participates in breath-work and sound group meditation, loves learning, and wants to learn more (Pranic Healing and Brain Spotting are probably next) to heal herself and help others heal.
Covid-19 Update
With the Covid-19 pandemic, Kelly has been attending weekly supervision and training opportunities to better address the unique circumstances and complications associated with the virus. Look on the Services page for lower cost treatment options to make therapy more accessible to more people.